JACK F4 Direct Drive Lockstitch

JACK F4-H Direct Drive Lockstitch

JACK A5E-Q High Speed Direct Drive lockstitch

JACK A5E-HQ High Speed Direct Drive lockstitch

JACK A5E-WNQ Direct Drive Semi-dry Lockstitch

JACK A6F Direct Drive Needle feed lockstitch

JACK JK- 58420 High Speed Direct Drive double needle lockstitch

JACK JK- 58720 High Speed Direct Drive Double needle machine 

JACK H2-CZ  Direct Drive Heavy duty top and bottom feed lockstitch Lockstitch

JACK JK-5558G-WT  Direct Drive Lockstitch machine with edge cutter and tape binder

JACK H5-CZ-4 Heavy duty top and bottom feed lockstitch

JACK JK-20U-53Z Short arm Zig-Zag machine

JACK E4S SERIES Direct Drive Overlock series 

JACK K5 SERIES Direct Drive Cylinder arm interlock

JACK W4 SERIES Direct Drive Flatbed interlock

JACK C4 SERIES Direct Drive overlock series

JACK JK-T9820-02 Direct Drive Electronic eyelet button hole machine

JACK JK-T782E-Q Electronic buttonhole machine

JACK  JK-T1377E-B Mechanical chainstitch button sew machine

JACK JK-T1906GS-D Electronic backtack machine with 60×50 sewing field

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