Product information

  • For Light to Heavy Fabric
  • Easy And Smart Panel
  • High Voltage Protection
  • Including a built-in LED light
Sewing speed:
  • A5E / A5E-WNQ – 5000 S.P.M.
  • A5E-H – 3500 S.P.M
Stitch length:
  • 0 – 5 mm
Presser foot lift:
  • 5 – 13 mm
Needle type
  • A5E / A5E-WNQ – DB×1 #11-18
  • A5E-H – DPx5 #18 – 21
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The new Jack A5E Series is the upgraded version of its previous model (A5). First of all one of the  differences is that the A5E has a much larger work area (305 x 130 mm)  which is ideal for larger items. Secondly the A5E has a modern, upgraded control panel where you can control the functions of the machine much easier. For example the stitch length can be changed directly on the panel. Thirdly, the reverse function is now controlled by a useful reverse button close to the needle area instead of a reverse lever. This machine has a lot of useful, time saving features such as automatic thread trimming, automatic foot lift, backtack function and even needle up/down function. This machine is suitable for lightweight to medium heavy materials.


Additional Features :


  • Automatic Backtack
  • Automatic Presser Foot Lift
  • Automatic Thread Trimming
  • Needle up/down Function
  • Sealed Oil Pan – Oil is sealed to reduce the risk of staining/leakage, dust entering etc.
  • Adjustable Speed Control – Set the Speed to Your Preference
  • Reverse Button
  • Reduces the Risk of Issues Like Skipping Stitches and Thread Snapping
  • USB Port – Ideal for Phone Charging and Software Updates

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