Product information

  • For Light to medium weight Fabrics
  • High Voltage Protection
  • Including a built-in LED needle light
Sewing speed:
  • 2000 S.P.M
Stitch length:
  • 5 mm
Max. Zig-Zag width:
  • 9mm
Needle type
  • 134R
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The JACK JK-20U-53Z is economical zig-zag machine that is capable of producing a zig-zag width of max. 9mm.
The JACK 20U-53-Z is suitable for lightweight to medium heavy materials.
It has a direct drive, silent servo motor which is energy saving and reduces noise and vibration when sewing.
One important feature is the needle positions, you can move the needle to 3 different positions (centre, left and right) which is ideal for fitting zips etc.
  • Capable of Freehand Embroidery – Use the Knee Pad to Adjust the Zig-Zag Width
  • Straight Stitch & Zig-Zag Machine
  • Knee Lifter – Lifts the Presser Foot Up
  • Direct Drive Silent Servo Motor – Integrated in the Machine Head.
  • Zig-Zag Width Can be Controlled by either the Lever or Knee Pad
  • Self Oiling – Automatic Oil Supply for Better Lubrication
  • Needle Positions – 3 Different Positions (Centre, Left, Right)
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