Product information

  • For Lightweight Fabric
  • High Voltage Protection
  • Including a built-in LED needle light
Sewing speed:
  • 3000 S.P.M.
Needle Gauge:
  • 6,4mm
Hook type:
  • Regular size hooks
Stitch length:
  • 4 mm
Presser foot lift:
  • 7 – 13 mm
Needle type
  • DP×5 #11-16
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This machine series contains a range of modern 2-needle lockstitch machines with double transport (feed-dog / needle feed). Available in standard version and fully automatic, with or without split needle bar. Depending on the subclass and the type of materials to be sewn, available with standard or enlarged hooks.
Closed lubrication system (not the typical oil sump) – a small amount of oil is in a closed container. This solution guarantees less oil consumption, better lubrication of machine mechanisms and prevents staining of material during sewing.
The standard also includes LED light with the possibility of 3-step adjustment. Machines is equipped with a integrated direct drive servomotor for smooth operation and less vibration.

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    • The machine inside the box only
    • The machine inside the box with a EU stand and EU table